Value of Medicines Awards 2022

Since 2011, Medicines New Zealand has rewarded outstanding researchers for undertaking innovative research into the use of medicines or vaccines. 

In 2022 Medicines New Zealand relaunched the award scheme, after a brief hiatus due in part to the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Award Scheme now includes two awards: the Innovation Jump Start Award designed to provide financial assistance for an early career researcher and the Award for Excellence in Innovative Medicines Research which recognises an already established researcher for the contribution they have made to biopharmaceutical research in New Zealand.

The awards will be presented in quarter 4 of 2022 (date to be confirmed) in Wellington.

The Innovation Jumpstart Award

Applications are open now! Closing date for applications: 23 September 2022. 

The Innovation Jumpstart Award will be awarded to one of New Zealand’s potential future leaders in biopharmaceutical innovation. It is designed to support a new or continuing project in the areas of drug discovery and development. 

The award is designed to financially support a promising researcher’s ability to reach their career goals in medicines development. 

Member companies of Medicines New Zealand will also be able to assist the award recipient, by researching out to their networks of international affiliate companies in order to gain opportunities for industry experience. 

This award is open to applications from early career scientists including  current postgraduate students (Masters and PhD Candidates) in life-science disciplines which are relevant to the biopharmaceutical sectors such as pharmacology, genetics, physiology, biochemistry and immunology.  Healthcare professionals who are pursuing a research-focussed career are also invited to apply.

 As the Award is intended for early career researchers, applicants’ highest qualification is anticipated to have been conferred within the past ten (10) years. 

Value of the Award

The Award recipient will receive a prize package with a total value of $30,000 NZD. This includes: 

$20,000 to support project costs. 

Career support funding of up to $10,000 to enable the winner to participate in an educational programme or another career-enhancing opportunity (industry internship etc).

Click  to read the Value of Medicines Innovation Jumpstart Award Information Sheet

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Shortlisted applicants will be notified, late September/ early October 2022.


The Award for Excellence in Innovative Medicines Research

The second award available this year is The Award for Excellence in Innovative Medicines Research.  It continues the traditions of the earlier Value of Medicines Award (2011-2018) which was awarded for an outstanding research project involving innovative use of medicines or vaccines. The Award for Exellence in Innovative Medicines Research will recognise a New Zealander who has made a significant scientific or clinical contribution to the development of innovative medicines or vaccines. The Award takes a broad view of success and is designed to recognise and celebrate the efforts of an established New Zealand researcher to ensure that the biopharmaceutical research sector thrives in New Zealand.

The award winner, to be selected by Medicines New Zealand, will be presented with the Value of Medicines Trophy in recognition of their significant contribution to innovative medicines research in New Zealand.

Previous Winners of the Value of Medicines Award

staff image

2018 - Dr Nicholas Lightfoot

Modernising local anesthesiology

staff image

2017 - Professor Lisa Stamp

Gout management research

staff image

2016 - Dr Paul Young

ICU fever management

staff image

2015 - Dr Amy Chan

Paediatric asthma management

staff image

2014 - Dr Swee Tan

Strawberry birthmark research

staff image

2013 - Dr Conroy Wong

Bronchiectasis treatment

staff image

2012 - Dr Sally Eyers

Safe paediatric use of paracetamol

staff image

2011 - Professor Ian Reid

Treatment of Osteoporosis