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Clinical Trials

Clinical trials can provide patients with a high standard of healthcare and additional support. For some that includes early access to modern medicines that aren't publicly available in New Zealand. Clinical trials bring forward advancements in treatments for many diseases and health conditions.

Clinical trials also have additional benefits for the health sector and the economy...

  • Trials promote a research culture in the health system.
  • Trials provide students and healthcare professionals greater exposure to the latest innovations.
  • Participants in later phase clinical trials of new medicines may get early access to promising treatments.
  • The total economic contribution of clinical trials of new medicines in New Zealand exceeded $150 million per year in the period 2013 to 2018.1

To find a clinical trial in New Zealand in your area or for a certain disease/condition, you can use the search functions on the Australian New Zealand Clinical Trials Registry or on websites.

Speak to your doctor or specialist who should have information on clinical trials that may be suitable for you.

You can also contact a patient support group or disease charity and they may be able to give you information on clinical trials for certain diseases/conditions.


Medicines New Zealand Guidelines on Clinical Trials - Compensation for Injury Resulting from Participation in an Industry-Sponsored Clinical Trial
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The following table provides information on entities in New Zealand involved in clinical trials
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1. NZIER. (2020). The value of clinical research with modern medicines in New Zealand. Economic contribution and wide-ranging benefits. Available here.