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Researchers succeed after winning the Value of Medicines Award

The Value of Medicines Award recognises research that improves the understanding, effectiveness or safety of the use of medicines in New Zealand.  


Previous winners of the award have been able to expand their research and move into new roles. The 2015 winner, Amy Chan, was able to undertake several new research projects focusing on medicine adherence. She is now a Research Associate with the University College London working for the Centre of Behavioural Medicine.


The 2016 winner, Dr Paul Young, has been able to expand the number of research staff working in  Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at the Medical Research Institute of New Zealand. He has also received a clinical practitioner fellowship by the Health Research Council of New Zealand’s and has won the Lily Medal for his publication on saline fluid therapy for ICU patients.


“It’s great to see how the Value of Medicines Award has contributed to these opportunities for the winning researchers. Supporting this research aids New Zealand to be at the forefront of innovation” says Hon Heather Roy, Chair of Medicines New Zealand.


The national Award is open to any researchers, professors, clinicians, students or academics that have published research about medicines in the last 24 months.The application process has been simplified so it is now quick and straightforward.


The  Value of Medicines Award 2017 winner will receive $20,000 to further their research.


Applicants can apply on the Value of Medicines Award page on the Medicines New Zealand website




Media Contact: 

Aaron Vinnell, Communications Advisor, Medicines New Zealand.

Ph: 027 534 6461